Precision Medicine in COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease): Digital Platform

ESI (Emphysema Severity Index) Web Application

Version: release 1.0.3


ESI web-application

This server-side application was developed to support the evaluation of  emphysema severity in COPD patients. The last version is based on a novel real-time implementation of the theoretical ESI algorithm. This software was especially designed for clinical practice, pharmacologic trials, medical education and for the evaluation of emphysema whenever spirometry is the only available examination (the application results are still under validation, at the moment is intended for research use only). The required input data are flow-volume measurements usually available in output reports provided by standard spirometers. (i.e. flow values, FVC). DLco% is not required for this analysis.

(The software is now freely available for test and research)

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